Why Is It We Are Here? 12x12 $525
300 Million Worldwide 30x20 $1300
Rites of Mu (Small parts 1&2) 8x16 diptych $250

The Devil Was Singing 28x22 $1350
Earth Air Fire Water Ether 28x22 $1350

Of What and When 16x16 $650
Esotericism 22x18 $900
The Wind Was Cold 10x20 $550
Boundary Lines 12x12 $525
Piqued Curiosity 12x12 $525

11:59 30x24 $1650
Waiting for the World to Change 24x12 $650
The Beginning Was the End 18x14 $565

Release of Desire 24x24 $1295
The Cooling of Desires 24x30 $1650

A Small Piece of the Day 12x12 $525
Of God and Ego 18x24 $1000
The Night Breath 10x10 $475